Here are some of the comments I’ve received from clients about how they found our sessions and what impact coaching has had on their lives.

Some clients’ feedback, if the below is not enough I can dig up more from emails I’ve received over time. 

How would you sum up your experience of working with Olivia?

Very helpful in a real and practical manner. I really enjoyed our chats as it felt like it reset my thoughts after every chat. ​
I have been to psychologists in the past and felt that they didn't help me. Olivia manages to talk with me about a situation and give feedback/ perspective on it. She has helped me greatly and allowed me to do things that I thought of but couldn't/wouldn't do before
She is a very good listener, there were sessions in which I didn’t even give her a chance to talk but she knew that I needed to vent out big time. And there were times in which I preferred to remain silent and again she knew she needed to do the talking herself.
It has been a pleasant experience and definitely would recommend this to anyone. It was definitely a journey, and a very pleasant one.

How has this process impacted your life?

Greatly. I found that her method to talk to you about a problem and helping you find a solution to be very valuable. Her methods are not forceful but they seem to allow you to see a new possibility you can take on a situation that you can employ when you need it or a ready to do.
I feel like it encouraged me to get to know myself better and be happier.
Positively for sure as it made me look at things which I had taken for granted.
Very much so, and in an open minded positive way.