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The Holistic Approach

Olivia is a Systemic Psychotherapist, most commonly known as a family therapist. In  therapy, she focuses and gives importance to identifying patterns in beliefs, behaviours, and communication styles that may be hindering a person from living a fulfilled life. These patterns can appear in family relationships, work relationships, or even in one’s own thoughts and ultimately affecting decision-making. Olivia’s role is to support the exploration of these patterns and develop healthier ways of interacting with oneself and others.

Systemic therapy can lead to improved relationships and friendships, healthier boundaries, and stronger coping mechanisms for anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health challenges.

Whether the goal is to improve individual well-being, navigate complex family dynamics, or strengthen a romantic relationship, Olivia can provide support throughout the process.

For those ready to start making more intentional decisions and work on themselves, their relationships, or their families, Olivia is available for individual, couple, and family sessions.

Appointments can be conveniently booked directly through this website.

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