Brain mapping Tool

Neuroscience Perspective

PRISM Brain Mapping is a unique way of identifying people’s behaviour preferences based on brain activity.


Services Provided

Personal Feedback Session

PRISM is a revolutionary way of identifying people’s behavioural preferences. PRISM is a profiling self-completion online questionnaire.

PRISM approaches human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychological theory. This exciting online tool takes advantage of some of the most up-to-date neuroscience discoveries to provide users with a series of ‘maps’ which are representations of how the client prefers to respond to the world around them.

Each PRISM ‘map’ is a picture of the user as a unique individual.

PRISM Applications

PRISM for Career Exploration

An exciting, easy to use, online resource that provides instructive, insightful information that can empower you to take control of career exploration.

PRISM for Coaching

A highly effective way of coaching using neuroscience to provide insights into how people think, feel and do things. Helps coaches understand what is happening inside a person's mind, so that the coach can bring about unprecedented behaviour change.

Prism for Leadership

Today leadership is more important than ever. Leadership reflects people's needs and challenges driven by an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. Leadership skills are based on leadership behaviour. Skills alone do not make leaders - style and behaviour do.

PRISM for Team Development

Applies neuroscience to identify behaviours, skills and motivations that will help create a high performance culture and encourages unique insights and contribution from team members to achieve corporate goals.

PRISM for Recruitment

PRISM Talent Finder is a simple, fast yet very accurate, online suitability assessment tool available globally to help recruit, develop and retain people who have high performance potential.

PRISM for Performance Management

Develops the capacity of your organisation and provides a vehicle for creating a work environment in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.

PRISM 360 feedback

PRISM 360 DEGREE is a user-friendly online system that enables you to conduct 360 degree feedback with minimal effort and maximum impact. Provides a powerful, graphical report that is easy to understand, analyse and to deliver feedback that has high impact.

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