What is Life Coaching?

Learning from life

Life constantly teaches us new lessons.

Are you learning from those precious life experiences? 

Are you using the challenging curve balls to your advantage?

Let's break it down

Life Challenges

Everyone will face obstacles along the way. Life has a way of throwing a curveballs now and then along the way to mix it up with challenges in many areas of our life. We can see challenges in our daily life and also in specific areas like finances, emotions, mental health, and/or physical health.

What you learn

Life Coaching brings you the clarity, motivation, belief, and accountability you need to live your life with purpose. Working with your coach you will gradually learn how to adjust your mindset, daily habits, actions, and self-talk in such a way that you are constantly working towards your goals & purpose.

Pave your way

Everyone’s path is different, but, ultimately, we’re all looking for the same thing – fulfillment, and happiness. This does not look the same for everyone, some people find purpose & fulfillment in their career, others find it in friendships and/or romantic relationships while others want to increase their self-confidence.

Ways Life Coaching can Help

Your Journey

Everyone’s journey is different and it can be complicated and confusing if we try to copy what others are doing since this is something that is working for them, and will not necessarily apply to you. This is where Life Coaching come in with the power to transform your life.

Support & Motivation

Life Coaching is about supporting you to set goals and then to motivate you and hold you accountable during the journey to achieving those goals.


Life Coaching helps you untangle the chaos and confusion in your brain so you can stop feeling stuck.

Lasting Change

Life Coaching brings you the accountability and motivation to take action and build momentum for continuous and lasting change.

All Areas of Life

Life Coaching with Ethical Living is a holistic matter. It incorporates all areas of your life: work, relationships, health, money, fun and personal development.

What outcomes can you expect with Life Coaching?

Gain greater clarity and understanding about what fulfils you and setting your goals.

Generate your own solutions to problems.

Turning obstacles into learning opportunities to reach to your objectives.

Gain insight and transform it into action.

What situations and obstacles can Life Coaching support you with?