Your Greatest Investment

When you commit to coaching with me, you are investing in the most important thing – YOU! In making this investment of a lifetime, you’ll receive so much more than just coaching sessions.

More than Coaching

Personalised Approach

The techniques used will be blended depending on your personal needs and lifestyle. 


Abolish limiting beliefs that have held you back for years.


Growth actions are set at each session to help you keep your momentum in moving forward.


Post-Session Check Out and Pre-Session Check In will keep you on track. 

Optional Add-On

Olivia is a Certified PRISM Practitioner and for a very competitive price you can benefit from a PRISM report. This will give you behavioural insights through the PRISM tool which has been developed through neuroscience to explain your behavioural patterns. 

Background & experience

Olivia has always been driven by the desire to build and develop others.  She has been working with people in different professional areas for the past two decades.

Olivia has a strong background in:

Human Resources

-working along the whole HR cycle: performance management, training & development, leadership development, employee engagement, organisational design, employee wellbeing and HR strategy.

Olivia is experienced in:


-working with individuals on personal goals, employees, team coaching and leadership. In previous roles Olivia has also worked with individuals to support them in their job-search and career growth journey. She uses her experience working with companies and individuals to support holistic and sustainable growth – whether it is on a personal or professional level. 


-for managers, executives, and professionals with improving their performance, communication, team management and other areas. She also works with clients on improving their focus, boundaries, and self-management under pressure in stressful career, job, leadership, or personal situations.

Building Relationships

Olivia is strong in building effective relationships – as a Coach and within corporate environments. She applies her experience and knowledge strategically by understanding the needs of the client and their strengths and challenges. 

As part of her Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy Olivia is a Trainee Systemic Psychotherapist and is building her experience in a clinical setting working with individuals, couples, and families. 

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications


Work Psychology from the University of Leicester

Post Graduate

Diploma in Systemic Psychotherapy


Occupational Guidance and Counselling


PRISM Practitioner

Currently: Masters

Systemic Psychotherapy (end – 09/23)

Olivia has obtained her MSc in Work Psychology from the University of Leicester, Post Graduate Diploma in Systemic Psychotherapy, Diploma in Occupational Guidance and Counselling. She is also a Certified PRISM Practitioner.

Being a strong believer in lifelong learning and self-growth, she is currently reading for her Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy. 

She is also involved in tutoring and lecturing in HR and Development related programmes.

Olivia's why

I have always been drawn to working with people. Managing to connect with a person and leaving the impact of increasing their empowerment fills me with purpose and fulfilment.  In my career the solid connection across all my roles was always the ‘Human’ aspect. When supporting companies in Human Resources, my fulfilment is to see employees thrive, challenge their comfort zones, and grow. As a result, the business grows too. I love my work. I love connecting with people and I enjoy and celebrate when clients experience breakthroughs and improved quality of life.   Along my journey I have met some incredible teachers and mentors. I have also grown exponentially through life experiences, therapy, and coaching. I have discovered the tools, practices, books, new ways of thinking and the inner beliefs that have brought me to where I am.  My intention and purpose is to work with clients and support them in the messy, painful, joyful and rewarding journey of self-growth.