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Life coaching

Ask yourself

How many times have you made promises to yourself, only to break them over and over?

Do you procrastinate or dodge your challenges and then hate yourself for it?

Studies show accountability appointments with someone you commit to will provide up to a 95% chance of achieving a goal.

Enough. It’s time for change.

You are capable of so much more, and I’m here to help you.


Coaching in a business environment requires skill and expertise. The organisational coaching approach is based on methods that will guide both individuals as well as groups. This approach aims to train the components of a team to benefit from and work with each other to the maximum potential. The guidance and training provided to organisations at this level helps create cohesion, thereby creating and increasing the value of the organisation overall. 

Here are some of the benefits of Business Coaching:

Increases Employee Retention

Employees feel valued. Improves performance. Reduces stress and anxiety.

Builds Leadership Strength

 Coaching empowers managers and leaders to leverage their unique strengths and gives them an opportunity to practice new, more effective behaviours.

Builds Better Teams

 The key to building a great team is to focus on a shared vision and then go to great lengths to achieve it. When a team works together with one common goal in mind, everyone wins.

The process

The process is a very important aspect of development and plays a major role in the end result.
The conversations during coaching are confidential between coach and employee.
The coach will provide updates to the business about the employee’s progress towards the pre-set objectives. 


Our initial meet up will be to discuss the coaching requirements. This meeting will allow us to establish the coaching objectives together and give a clear idea of the path we’ll venture on to move forward.


Once clear goals are established for the individual and/or team, we’ll work on the estimated number of sessions that will be required to achieve the desired goals. A timeframe is important for knowing what comes next.


Sessions kick off with mixed methodology incorporating a Solution Focused approach, GROW method and Strategic Systemic Framework are used by the coach to support the client. 


Olivia is a seasoned HR Professional with experience in diverse industries. She has worked in large organisations focusing on:

She is also experienced in setting up the HR function in smaller setups and building the department as per the business’s needs.

Olivia strongly believes in self-development and continuous learning. She is currently reading for her Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy after successfully completing the Post Graduate Diploma in Systemic Psychotherapy.

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“Olivia has helped me in navigating issues of belonging and identity. Thanks to her I’m now able to make good and healthy choices for myself and the relationships I am in. I’m grateful that I found her when I did and I highly recommend her”
Bianca M.
Life coaching sessions with Olivia helped me to connect with myself, to reflect and regroup. Olivia helped to empower me with "tools" to help me overcome issues I have been struggling with for years. Olivia is so easy to open up to; she's realistic, positive and draws from her own personal experiences making you feel comfortable to journey with her!
Mariuccia F.
head of school
Olivia helped me to focus and channel my energy into the right actions that I needed to take to propel myself even further. She was instrumental in my journey to finding my feet in a new and daunting circumstance because she was perceptive, structural, and assisted me with being accountable for my actions throughout. I couldn't thank her enough for the grounding sessions and conversations she led with me to help me reach my goals.
Rachel A.C.
Olivia is a wonderful balance of compassion and a rational approach in her work and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make a dynamic shift in their life!
Ashmi A.
Brand manager

Life coaching Options

Choose what is right for you from the variation of life coaching services I offer. 

Shifting the Gaze Inwards


9 sessions over 3 months

This package will get the client to start looking into their behaviours and thoughts and the way they approach situations in their life. Through self-reflexivity the client will start becoming aware of the disempowering thoughts that shape their behaviours. This helps them propel forward in daily life tasks and activities. 

Joining the


12 sessions over 4 months

This package enables the client to start joining the dots of their thoughts, behaviours and outcomes in life. Coach and client can then explore the outcomes that the client wants to change. The client will dig deep to identify which empowering actions will serve them to change their outcome to the one they want for themselves. 

Winning Mindset Unlocked


16 sessions over 5 months

Clients will be using more empowering language during the sessions and there will be dedicating time to reflect on their WHY. Sessions will focus on identifying reasons driving their desire to achieve their goals, setting a plan and being accountable for the actions they commit to as well as learn a valuable process. 

employee wellbeing

Give the gift of personal development

Life Coaching Sessions as a company benefit to your employees

As part of their Employee Well Being Initiatives, companies can offer Life Coaching sessions to their employees. Employees can use these sessions to to work on their personal goals, improve stress management techniques, setting boundaries, improve overall health, relationship matters and other areas.

Customised coaching to

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Gain total clarity.
Have unstoppable confidence.
Reach social mastery.
Become a remarkable leader.
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